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Signs & Symptoms

Over 60% of children who experience learning difficulties suffer from one or more problems with their eyesight.  Far too often, these problems remain undiagnosed, causing a great deal of needless frustration for children and their parents.

Children will rarely complain of vision problems because they don't know how they are supposed to see.  A child suffering from vision disorders that interfere with reading and learning may never know that what they see differs from those around them.  This makes it particularly important for parents to understand what to look for if they suspect their child may have problems with his or her vision.

Read over the following checklist to see how many of these signs your child has. 

Vision Problem Symptom Checklist

  • Signs of a Vision Problem
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While your child does not appear to have many of the above signs, if your child has attention problems, struggles with reading, has an eye turn (Strabismus) or a lazy eye (Amblyopia) we recommend you schedule a developmental vision evaluation.

If your child is doing fine, it is recommended that school-age children have a routine eye exam by an optometrist once a year.

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